Wednesday October 30, 2013 Happening Now - HHS Secy Sebelius Faces Grilling on Capitol Hill Over Obamacare

Today is all about health care. The botched rollout of the health care exchanges, glitches with the websites and call centers, the cancellations for some folks with independent coverage, and the terrible communications about the program.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is testifying before the full House Energy and Commerce Committee beginning at 9am. We'll be taking much her testimony and questions from Congress members live.

0900EDT -- House Energy and Commerce Cmte hearing on the failures of the Affordable Care Act enrollment website. HHS Secy Sebelius testifies. LIVE

In a pre-released statement, Sebelius strikes a conciliatory tone. She apologizes, but seems to point the blame at IT contractors.

There are growing calls for Sebelius to step down over her handling of the Obamacare rollout.

There is a scathing critique of the President on the front page of the New York Times today. Peter Baker writing the President's explanation for both the troubles with health care and with the secret spying scandal is essentially "I didn't know." The headline of the piece is "Where the Buck Stops, Some See a Bystander." Ouch.

The Washington Post has a piece headlined "Controversies show how Obama's Inattention to Detail May Hurt His Presidential Legacy."

The RNC is now calling President Obama a "bystander president."

In a hearing on the problems with the rollout of the health care law yesterday on Capitol Hill, two Congressmen had a heated exchange Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey lashed out at Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin. We will talk to at least one of the men today about their sharp words.

Also today on the Hill, lawmakers from both the Senate and from the House and from both sides of the aisle will gather in a special Budget Conference Committee meeting. They'll try to come up with ways to compromise on the 2014 budget.

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