Tuesday October 29, 2013 Happening Now - Is White House Out of the Loop?

NBC News reporting the President knew millions of folks would lose their health coverage under Obamacare. The President said that if you liked your insurance, you could keep it. But the White House reportedly knew for the past three years that up to 75% of folks who buy individual coverage would be forced to buy new plans that included better coverage. Those people who have to get new coverage could also end up having to pay more.

Fox's White House team also now confirming what we reported last week. The Obama Administration will allow a six week extension (until March 31, 2014) to sign up for coverage or face penalties.

All this is just further fuel for folks fired up over the botched rollout of the health care exchanges.

Even staunch supporters of the President like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts offering criticism. Warren said "Getting people in is crucial. I know that's why it's so deeply upsetting that the government just dropped the ball on getting the website launched."

You can expect fireworks from a hearing on Capitol Hill today. The senior Obama Admin official helping rollout the health care exchanges disastrous websites will be questioned by Congress. We'll be monitoring and turning sound for you. Mike Emanuel reporting.

1000EDT -- House Ways and Means Cmte hearing on "Affordable Care Act Implementation" with Marilyn Tavenner, Admin of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services at HHS. LIVE

Meantime, the White House also facing incoming over its handling of NSA spying on foreign leaders. The President has insisted he didn't know about the spying on leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany's cell phone.

It's just the latest in string of stories where the President said he was out of the loop. Wendell takes a look at that for us today.

Catherine Herridge reporting today on a rare hearing today on the NSA programs on the Hill. The Afternoon meeting will feature high-ranking NSA officials and will be public.

It was one year ago today that Superstorm Sandy took aim at the East Coast. There are ceremonies and events to mark the somber anniversary.

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