Obamacare Nightmares for President Obama

Obamacare headaches galore for the White House. Even Jon Stewart going after the botched rollout of the President's signature achievement. The Daily Show comedian saying "Democrats can't spin this turd." Ouch.

According the Associated Press, the builders of the health care exchange saw major red flags while building the government exchange websites. Developers said they warned officials that the system wouldn't be ready in time, and complained of unrealistic deadlines. There were even failed tests of the various site components.

The White House is reportedly bringing in big guns to try to fix the "glitches," including software companies and communications giants like Oracle and Verizon.

President Obama launched a major defense of the exchanges yesterday saying "No one is madder about the Web site than I am, which means it's going to get fixed." But he also said "The product is good. The health insurance that's being provided is good. It's high quality, and it's affordable. People can save money - significant money - by getting insurance that's being provided through these marketplaces."

The President is selling, but it remains unclear if Americans are buying.

New polling out today confirm just how bad the shutdown was for the Republican party and politicians in general. The Washington Post/ABC News polling suggests dissatisfaction with Congress and elected leaders and the political system all increased. It also finds eight in ten Americans disapprove of the shutdown.

Overall, the shutdown produced widespread political fallout. Dissatisfaction with Congress, elected officials and the workings of the political system has all increased.

Good news for Bay Area commuters. The Rapid Transit system (BART) should be back up and running this morning after a tentative contract was reached last night between striking workers and BART.

We get the September jobs report today.. finally. There was a two week delay in the numbers because of the government shutdown. Economists expect just 180,000 jobs were added. Not enough to change the 7.3% unemployment rate. We could also get some indication of the impact of the shutdown on job creation. Interesting write up in the Washington Post on the economy in DC.. not so great as sequestration taking a toll.

A new survey, though, suggests some good news for the economy. Holiday spending. Consumers plan to spend more this year, and they're increasingly doing that spending online.

There's another potential gift under the tree for consumers. The potential for $3.15 gas. Crude oil prices fell to less than $100 per barrel. That will mean lower gas prices. Analysts say ample supplies, lower demand and easing Middle East tensions all contributing.

Big talks in Paris today on Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry says there's a human catastrophe unfolding in Syria. Leaders from 11 nations are focused on how to get Assad to step down.

Strange story out West. A Delta passenger plane made an emergency landing, but the FAA won't confirm it. Patti Ann Browne will look into it for us.

That Cat 3 hurricane still sitting off the Mexican coast causing massive flooding (and ruining vacations in Acapulco). We'll keep an eye on it.

The community of Sparks, Nevada mourning today after a student gunman shot and killed a teacher before opening fire on other students. He then turned the gun on himself. Two other students were injured. Will Carr reporting.

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