Monday October 21, 2013 Happening Now - Pres Obama Gives Defense of Obamacare from White House at 11:25 AM

President Obama making a defense of his signature domestic achievement today.. the Affordable Care Act.

It's been a pretty disastrous rollout for the health care exchanges. Today marks three weeks since they went live, and the national website has been plagued with massive problems. Software engineers say tens of thousands of lines of software code has to be rewritten. Even Democrats acknowledge the rollout has been bad. Everyone from Jack Lew to HHS Secy Sebelius have admitted problems. Now, for the first time, the President will be weighing in at a media event from the Rose Garden today during our show.

1125EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act in the Rose Garden. LIVE

Kelly Wright, Wendell Goler, Peter Doocy and Jim Angle reporting. We also have Nina Easton and Bret Baier for commentary and analysis.

Phil Keating reporting on the re-capture of two Florida inmates who escaped from jail last weekend.

A new study suggests poverty is on the rise among American children. Doug McKelway reports.

Hillary Clinton endorsed Terry McAuliffe over the weekend for Virginia Governor. Bill Clinton will also reportedly help the campaign. Carl Cameron reporting on the race for VA governor.

Same-sex couples will be allowed to get married in New Jersey beginning today under a Supreme Court ruling.

The commute is expected to be a mess in Northern California today as the BART strike continues there.. Bay Area Rapid Transit workers went on strike Friday. Two maintenance workers were killed while inspecting track on the system on Saturday.

There's a hurricane warning in effect for Acapulco as Hurricane Raymond becomes a category 3 storm off the coast.

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