Friday October 4, 2013 Happening Now - Shutdown Day 4

Shutdown day 4. No public signs of progress. We do have reports however (see New York Times) that Speaker of the House John Boehner won't let the United States default. He reportedly is telling Republican lawmakers he won't let the crisis go too far. He may use a combination of Democrat and Republican votes to prevent the U.S. from defaulting. Conservatives won't like that idea. In any case, Speaker Boehner doesn't appear ready to make that move. The House continues to vote on piecemeal funding bills that face rejection in the Senate. Mike Emanuel reporting.

President Obama has cancelled his planned trip to Asia over the crisis. Secretary of State John Kerry will fill in for the President.

The tension in DC was intensified yesterday when a woman with a child in her car unsuccessfully rammed a White House barricade. When her car was surrounded by police, she sped off up Constitution Avenue before the chase ended in gunfire near the Capitol building. The driver - 34-year-old Miriam Carey - was killed. Carey's mother suggested she was suffering from post-partum depression. Catherine Herridge reporting.

Tropical Storm Karen could reach hurricane strength late today. It's targeting an area from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle.

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--Clint Henderson

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