President Obama Says "Wall Street Should be Concerned"

No progress to report after an unsuccessful meeting between Congressional leadership and the White House over the government shutdown. Both sides still seem far apart.

There are growing fears the shutdown could go on for weeks. With the deadline over raising the countries borrowing limit approaching in just two weeks, there is growing concern over the potential economic impact.

President Obama telling CNBC "this time I think Wall Street should be concerned." The President makes comments today at 10:40am. We also get weekly jobless numbers today.

1040EDT -- POTUS visits M. Luis Construction and make remarks. Rockville, MD. LIVE

Shannon Bream take the taxpayer calculator to tell us what it would cost to reopen the nation's parks, vet programs and the DC government.

Peter Doocy reporting on the latest on the demand for the new Obamacare health care exchanges.

Government may be shutdown, but there's a hearing today on Iran's nuclear program. Meantime, Secretary of State John Kerry (in Tokyo) says it would be "diplomatic malpractice," not to try diplomacy with Iran's pursuit of nukes. Skeptics (including Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu) suggest Iran's new found willingness to discuss its nuclear program is yet another delaying tactic.

A horrible crash in Tennessee has left 8 dead. A bus carrying members of a North Carolina church blew a tire, and veered into oncoming traffic and collided with an SUV and a trucker.

Julie Banderas takes a look at the new "Masters of Sex" series from Showtime.

Doctor Siegel takes a look at cancer sniffing dogs.

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