October 2, 2013 Happening Now - Shutdown Showdown Day 2; Obamacare Exchanges Open for Business Glitches and All

No progress in ending the government shutdown. The House wasn't able to pass several spending measures last night that would have funded smaller bits of the government. Now there's fears that the shutdown could drag on for weeks as both sides dig in their heels. Remember we have a debt ceiling deadline in just a few weeks. President Obama said "They're shutting down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health care to many Americans."

But House Speaker John Boehner says both sides are at fault. In an editorial today in USA Today he writes, "The fact is that Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks."

Now we're hearing the President is cutting legs off his planned weekend trip to Asia. He was supposed to hit four countries, but will cancel his trips to Malaysia and the Philippines. Wendell Goler reporting.

1100EDT -- Senate Dems hold press conference to "discuss the impact of the govt shutdown on Fed workers in DC and across the country." They will be joined by furloughed federal workers who will share their personal stories.

Doug McKelway reporting on Congressional action (or lack thereof).

Already some 800,000 workers are being furloughed.

Markets shrugged off the shutdown though, with the Dow snapping a two day losing streak. We get the ADP employment report this morning.

Obamacare's exchanges opened yesterday in all 50 states, but many people had trouble signing up. The huge demand crashed computers, and froze many folks out. Still, demand was high. White House officials maintain that the news is good since the interest from Americans is so high. We'll see!

Peter Doocy, Jonathan Serrie and Dan Springer reporting.

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