October 1, 2013 - The U.S. Government is NOT Open for Business "They've Lost Their Minds" Plus Obamacare Era Begins

The government is shutting down.

The House and Senate played ping pong with several bills last night. None of which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or President Obama would even entertain. Reid said of the Republicans "They've lost their minds."

The end result? The government began shutting down non-essential services and will begin furloughing workers. It's the first shutdown in 17 years. About 800,000 federal workers expected to stop working. National parks, federally-run museums and other government-run facilities (like the CDC) expected to halt most of their work.

There's good news though. Essential government employees will remain on the job. These include air traffic controllers, border patrol agents, and food inspectors.

Doug McKelway, Mike Emanuel, Molly Henneberg and James Rosen reporting.

Oh.. and welcome to Obamacare!

The key part of President Obama's Affordable Care Act goes into effect today. Health Care exchanges open in all 50 U.S. states. The exchanges allow consumers to shop for health care insurance.

Wendell Goler is at the White House. Jim Angle, Phil Keating and Mike Tobin reporting.

The UC Berkeley campus in California shut down last night after an explosion and gas leak. Campus will remain closed today. Copper thieves stealing from an underground electrical vault last week may be to blame. The power failure and ensuing chaos led to a massive evacuation and disruption to classes at the University town in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Police are expected to retrieve the bodies of five people killed in a rock slide at a popular hiking mountain in Colorado. The rocks, some the size of cars, fell from Mount Princeton.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks before the United Nations General Assembly today during our show. He's expected to compare the Iranians to the North Koreans right before the Koreans got the bomb. It's a charge that's hard to argue with. We'll take his comments live at approximately 12:30pm. David Lee Miller reporting.

-Clint Henderson

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