September 30, 2013 - Here Comes ObamaCare & A Government Shutdown

The House, Senate, White House, Wall Street and the Affordable Care Act are on a collision course on Capitol Hill this week.

It looks like we're headed for a shutdown of the government. Despite the prospect of looming closure of big chunks of the government, the House shrugged and approved three measures over the weekend. One would delay the rollout of Obamacare for a year, one would insure military personnel continue to get paid in the event of a shutdown, and the other would strip the medical device tax (which helps pay for Obamacare). All three are said to be non-starters in the Senate. Majority Leader Harry Reid is likely to easily reject those measures today when the Senate meets.

1000EDT -- The House meets.

1400EDT -- The Senate meets.

If nothing is passed by Midnight tonight, the government will shut down. Both sides seem unwilling to budge, and we're likely facing the first shutdown since 1996.

Doug McKelway, Mike Emanuel and James Rosen reporting.

Meantime, tomorrow is the big day for the rollout of the ObamaCare health care exchanges. (this will *not* be affected by any gov't shutdown.) It's a big test for the President's signature legislation. HHS Secy Kathleen Sebelius set to speak at 9:30am. We'll see if she makes news on HC. Peter Doocy reporting.

Keep a close eye on markets. All this news could be rattling some investors' nerves.

President Obama meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu today at the White House. The Israeli leader is expected to express serious concerns over the reliability of the Iranians now that the U.S. and Iran are talking for the first time since 1979.

1115EDT -- POTUS holds a bilateral meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office. VPOTUS also attends. POOL TAPE

1220EDT -- POTUS holds a working lunch with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu in the Private Dining Room. VPOTUS also attends. CLOSED

Wendell Goler reporting, and we'll talk to several guests about Iran and our ally Israel.

And don't forget the U.N. is still in session too. The Syrians will speak today at the U.N. despite the world's condemnation of the Sryian's behavior in the two year old civil war that has killed more than 100,000. Eric Shawn reporting.

The Feds will reportedly sue North Carolina today over voter laws. We'll mention live.

1200EDT- DOJ will hold a 1200 presser to announce they are suing North Carolina over new voter law/rules.

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