New Kenya Terror; Pres Obama Making Another H.C. Push

Disturbing new images and video out of Kenya where we are still awaiting updated death toll numbers from the Al-Shabab terror attack. The FBI is conducting fingerprint, DNA and ballistic analysis to help the Kenyans figure out who the gunmen were (from what countries of origin) and gather evidence. Catherine Herridge and Conor Powell are reporting.

There was a second terror attack today on a security post near the Somali border. Two policemen are dead. It's believed to also be the work of Al Shabab terrorists.

Secretary of State John Kerry will be one of several foreign ministers who will meet with Iran's top diplomat today over Iran's nuke program. It's the highest level meeting since the 1979 Iranian revolution.

The U.N. Security Council appears to be getting closer to a resolution on Syria's use of chemical weapons against its own people. This as Assad says he still thinks the U.S. could launch a military attack on Syria.

President Obama is set to speak at 10:55am ET about the health care overhaul. The exchanges open on Tuesday and there's new analysis about what It might mean to folks across the country.

1055EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on health care. Prince George's Community College, Largo, MD. LIVE

About the time those exchanges are opening, the government could be shutting down. No deal so far to avert a shutdown and the clock is ticking. Mike Emanuel reporting.

1000EDT -- The House meets for Morning Hour debate and 1200EDT for legislative business.

1000EDT -- The Senate convenes and resumes consideration of H.J.Res.59, Continuing Appropriations Resolution. Vote to proceed to the CR will be at 1923EDT.

1000EDT approx -- House GOP Ldrs hold media availability following 0900EDT closed Conference meeting. LIVE

1200EDT -- Senate Dem Leadership holds news conference on the continuing resolution. LIVE

Weekly jobless claims numbers out today. Stocks have been down over concerns of a possible government shutdown.

One of the most amazing comebacks in Sports history. Team USA came back from a 8 race deficit to win the America's Cup battle in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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