Ted Cruz's Excellent Adventure, Are We Headed Off Fiscal Cliff?

Epic floor speech still underway by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He's now been speaking for more than 15 hours on the floor of the Senate.. in an unofficial filibuster. Ted Cruz is trying to prevent the Senate from moving forward on a spending bill. Ted Cruz wants republicans to use the opportunity of the spending bill to block funding for Obamacare. It does not have the support of most Republicans, but it could make going over the fiscal cliff more likely.

On Tuesday the government is expected to officially run out of money. A deal to prevent that is looking increasingly unlikely. We'll ask some of our guests about that today, and who it might help or hurt politically.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius expected today to unveil the cost of health care premiums under the new health care plans. There will reportedly be some 53 plan options. More as we get it.

Did President Obama get snubbed by the Iranians at the U.N. yesterday? Some reports suggest the new Iranian leader rejected a potential handshake with the President and didn't show up for a dinner at the U.N. where the President offered a toast to attendees. In any case, the Iranian president did suggest he was open to direct talks with the U.S. though he also said they won't give up what they call a "peaceful" nuclear program.

U.N. inspectors are back in Syria to do inspections of Syria's chemical weapons programs.. Top U.S. and Russian officials met at the U.N. yesterday to work out more details of the possible deal to prevent U.S. military action against the bloody Syrian dictatorship. The U.S. says the Syrian government was behind a chemical weapons attack that left 1400 civilians dead inside Syria (many of them children).

The terrorists claiming responsibility for the attack on the Westgate mall in Kenya say the Kenyan government's use of explosives in trying to end the four day standoff actually ended up collapsing several floors of the mall and burying more than 130 hostages. The Kenyan government is strongly denying the claims and insist the death toll remains 61 civilians. Neither side has been completely reliable in transmitting information. Hopefully we'll get more answers today. Leland Vittert and Catherine Herridge reporting.

Adam Housley has an update on the U.S. military equipment now in the hands of potential terrorists after the attack on U.S. interests in Benghazi, Libya last year.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law cracking down on paparazzi. Maybe we can have Julie Banderas look into it.

There are reports today an undersea explorer may have found the lost treasure of the Whydeh pirate ship wreck off the coast of Cape Cod.

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