Tuesday September 23, 2013 Happening Now - Kenya Terror Attack End in Sight? Are Americans Involved? Pres Obama Speaks at U.N.

President Obama expected today to discuss both a possible thawing in relations with Iran and Syria's chemical weapons attack on civilians and a possible diplomatic solution. President Obama set to speak in the 10am hour, but It will likely carry over into our show. We've got lots of good guests to help analyze the speech and what we can expect from a now-likely meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and the Iranians.

1010EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at UN Gen Assembly. LIVE

1050EDT -- POTUS meets with UN Gen Assembly Pres John Ashe. CLOSED

1135EDT -- POTUS has bilateral meeting with Lebanese Pres Michel Suleiman. UN. POOL TAPE SPRAY

1250EDT -- POTUS meets with UN Secy Gen Ban Ki-Moon. CLOSED

Later today, President Obama will appear with former President Bill Clinton for a discussion of Obamacare. The two are teaming up to try and drum up support for the new law as the health care exchanges are now set to start in less than a week.

The standoff over funding the government coming to a boil with Texas Senator Ted Cruz determined to strip funding for Obamacare. The rhetoric is red hot. Mike Emanuel reporting.

More gunshots being heard this morning at the site of a massive terror attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The terrorists thought to be behind the attack are using social media to suggest there are still hostages being held at the mall. Kenyan officials have given wildly conflicting information about the status of the military action to end the four-day-old standoff. There's also conflicting information about the attackers including reports the terrorists are made up of several nationalities including Americans. There are also suggestions the so-called "White widow" may be involved. Samantha Lethwaite is the widow of one of the suicide bombers responsible for the July 7 attacks in London in 2005. Not clear yet how she is involved, but we'll be watching closely. Leland Vittert, Conor Powell and Catherine Herridge reporting. Mike Tobin getting reaction from the muslim community in Minneapolis where it's thought some of the terrorists could be from.

New proposal to talk about today. A so-called "Richter" scale for wildfires. We'll have Patti Ann Browne do a report.

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