Friday September 13, 2013 Happening Now - Disasters Hit Two States - Colorado and New Jersey

Lots of disasters to talk about today.

Flooding remains a major problem in Colorado today. Boulder city is calling for thousands more evacuations as a nearby creek began rising to dangerous levels. Flooding has already killed three people and caused widespread damage in the area. More rain is forecast. Flooding has hit an area from Wyoming to most of Colorado including Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Aurora, Colorado Springs and of course Boulder. Alicia Acuna reporting.

A massive fire tore through the Sandy wrecked Jersey Shore yesterday. The fire is mostly out, but firefighters still tamping down the smoldering wreckage. More than 50 businesses were destroyed. A six block area was burned. At one point the fire reached 10 alarms, and destroyed a large section of the boardwalk in the just rebuilt Seaside. NJ Governor Chris Christie said the fire made him feel like he wanted to throw up. Ainsley earhardt and Rick Leventhal reporting.

Steve Harrigan reporting on the booming sinkhole repair business.

Amy Kellogg reporting on an attack on a U.S. consulate in Western Afghanistan.

Greg Palkot has the latest on the Syrian civil war. An international human rights group today said the Syrian government has executed at least 248 in two Sunni Muslim towns in Syria back in May. Just the latest in a long list of atrocities.

Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with his Russian counterpart for a second day of talks in Geneva on what to do about Syria's use of chemical weapons. Syria has said it will give up its chemical weapons and join an anti-chemical warfare U.N. treaty, but so far details have been hard to come by.

President Obama is meeting with the Amir of Kuwait today.

There is a huge battle in the Congress over raising the debt ceiling.. and the two sides are looking far apart. Speaker of the House John Boehner is reportedly seeking Dems help in finding a solution.

Part of that battle is over health care.. some conservative Republicans want to defund it. At the very least, some want it delayed by a year. President Obama's team says it's a non-starter in negotiations. Meantime, the White House now says the health care exchanges are ready to roll on October 1.

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