Tuesday September 10, 2013 Happening Now - Deal to Avoid Military Action on Syria? Or Just WH Fumble?

President Obama heads to Capitol Hill today.. after interviews with six networks (including FOX).. and ahead of a prime time address to the nation on the situation with Syria. Russia said it's working on a proposal for Syria to give up its chemical weapons in exchange for no military action by the United States. That idea of a diplomatic solution came from Russia which has been fighting military action and has been aiding the Assad dictatorship. President Obama seemed to tentatively endorse it as a possibility though the Administration is insisting the Congress still vote for military action. The President will hopefully clear up exactly what is going on tonight in that 9pm ET address.

1230EDT -- POTUS meets with the Senate Democratic Caucus. Capitol. CLOSED

1345EDT -- POTUS meets with the Senate Republican Conference. Capitol. CLOSED

2101EDT -- POTUS delivers statement on Syria. The East Room. LIVE

1000EDT -- White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough briefs House Dems. CLOSED / LIVE STAKEOUT

1000EDT -- House GOP leadership holds media availability. LIVE

1000EDT -- House Armed Services Cmte holds hearing on "Proposed Authorization to Use Military Force in Syria." Secy Kerry, Secy Hagel, and Joint Chiefs Chair Gen Dempsey testify. LIVE

1200EDT -- Weekly Senate Party policy closed luncheons. Pres Obama also expected on hill. LIVE STAKEOUT

Meantime, Secretary of State John Kerry seems to have made some stumbles that aren't helping clear up the confusion. Hillary Clinton also chimed in late yesterday. New polling suggests Americans, by a large margin, are against any military action by the U.S.

It also comes as Human Rights Watch says it has examined evidence and believes the Syria regime did indeed fire chemical warhead rockets into the suburbs of Damascus at its own people killing more than a thousand.

In other news,

There's also a hearing today on Obamacare. Supporters will hold a rally late this morning, and Tea Party leaders will hold an anti-Obamacare rally at Noon. Jim Angle reports.

1015EDT -- House Energy and Commerce Cmte holds hearing on "PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)

1015EDT -- Senate and House Dems join leading Obamacare advocates to "denounce their efforts to sabotage the law and leave million uninsured."

1200EDT -- Sens Paul and Cruz hold a "For America and Tea Party Patriots: Exempt American from Obamacare" rally at the Capitol.

It's primary day in New York City. Voters will be electing a new mayor to replace Michael Bloomberg. Eric Shawn reports.

A fire in Bay Area of California is threatening 100 homes in Contra Costa County and has inspired smoke advisories in Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clare counties. Claudia Cowan reports.

Police say George Zimmerman's estranged wife won't press charges despite a desperate 911 call suggesting he was threatening her and her father.

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