Friday September 6, 2013 Happening Now - Pres Obama to Speak on Syria; Opposition to Military Action Grows

President Obama set to speak about Syria this morning at a press conference from the G20 in Russia. Should be interesting. The President had a four hour working dinner with world leaders that dragged on until 2am Russian time zone. There's been no super obvious tension between Putin and President Obama, but you know what they say "still waters run deep."

Russia continue to block the U.S. at all sides from any kind of a unified front on Syria.

New reporting today that the U.S. continues to evolve the possible military scenarios in Syria including re-arranging bombing targets, changes in strategy and new goals. Lots of good reporting out there on this including from our own Pentagon.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran is plotting attacks on the U.S. in retaliation for Syria pressure including possible strikes by Iraqis on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in the event of U.S. strikes. Mark Dubowitz will join us.

Lawmakers are facing intense voter pressure over Syria. John McCain got an earful at a town hall he held last night. We may play some of the sound to give viewers an idea of what voters are hearing.

The Senate is meeting in a brief session today at Noon to receive the Syria Resolution document from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It will be debated next week. The road in the House is looking increasingly bleak for the President.

In other news.

The New York Times is reporting that the NSA is not only spying on most of our email and communications, but it can also easily outwit almost all encryption programs.

We get monthly jobless numbers today for August. Economists are expecting the unemployment rate to be 7.4%.

Former football star Aaron Hernandez will be arraigned today in a Massachusetts courtroom on a murder charge. Molly Line reporting.

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