Putin Calls Kerry a "Liar." Today's G20 Meetings Should be Interesting

Talk about tension! President Obama just arrived in St Petersburg, Russia for the G20 meeting. It comes amid intense ugliness between Russia and the United States over not just Syria but also the NSA leaker Edward Snowden. The latest item is that Russian President Vladimir Putin called Secretary of State John Kerry a liar over his comments on Syria. It will be fun to watch the body language at the meetings today. Yikes.

Meantime, Russia is warning that a strike on Syria's weapons stockpiles could lead to nuclear disaster.

The White House continues the pressure over Congressional authorization of strikes on Syria in retaliation for the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons on its own people killing more than 1000. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution authorizing an attack on Syria, but it remains unclear where it stands in the House and full Senate.

The New York Times reports on the Syrian rebels and their lack of interest in human rights or the Geneva conventions. There are growing reports of ugly behavior from the rebel side.

There's another report today that a Christian town in Syria is under heavy crossfire. The village of Maaloula is being fought over.

Ed Henry, Mike Emanuel, Jennifer Griffin, Leland Vittert, Greg Palkot, Catherine Herridge and Wendell Goler reporting.

Former President Bill Clinton hitting the road to sell Obamacare to the nation. The so-called "explainer-in-chief" is trying to convince Americans to sign up, and sell them on the benefits of the new law.

This as two new studies suggest coverage won't be cheap, but bargain hunters could get basic coverage fairly inexpensively.

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