Wednesday August 28, 2013 Happening Now - Attack on Syria Coming?

U.S. military action against Syria looking increasingly likely at this hour as retaliation for the Syrian's use of chemical weapons against its own people. Britain will put forward a resolution condemning the chemical attack on civilians by the Syrian dictatorship and authorizing measures to "protect civilians" in Syria. This as a U.N. envoy says there is evidence suggesting a chemical substance was used to kill hundreds. Leland Vittert, James Rosen, Jennifer Griffin and Mike Emanuel reporting for us today.

Claudia Cowan reporting on the progress made in fighting the terrible fire burning near Yosemite National Park that's burned more than 220,000 acres.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the famous Martin Luther King speech "I have a dream." Ceremonies begin at 11am. Kelly Wright and Doug McKelway reporting, and we're hoping to talk with Jesse Jackson.

William La Jeunesse reports on new information on a secret operation known as "Lowrider" that sends planes to Mexico to fight drug cartels.

Casey Stegall reporting on the penalty phase against convicted mass murderer Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood massacre.

Dr Leigh Vinocur takes a look for us at the awful Summer cold.. and new research about why it takes so long to shake them.

After 63 years, it's over for the VW hippie bus. Steve Harrigan reports.

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