U.S. versus Syria - Is Military Action On the Table?

The crisis with Syria is heating up. The Syrians saying today any military action by the U.S. would be fruitless, and Syria would defend itself using all available means. It comes after Secretary of State John Kerry called the dictatorship's use of chemical weapons undeniable, and said it was a "moral obscenity." The New York Times reporting today that President Obama was likely to order a limited military operation which could include cruise missiles launched from destroyers at military targets in Syria. The evidence of a chemical weapons attack ordered by the Assad regime is reportedly broad and includes intercepted phone and other communications.

That wildfire threatening Yosemite National Park (and the SF Bay Area's water and power supplies) is now 20% contained, and fears are easing of a wider crisis. Claudia Cowan reporting.

A heatwave in the Midwest has prompted early dismissals for many school children. 100 degree heat is baking the Midwest and Plains states.

Phil Keating is reporting on Florida beaches running out of sand!

Gay marriage licenses now being given out in parts of New Mexico after a court ruling. It becomes the 14th state to allow gay marriage.

Some not so great news on the economy in the past few days. Doug McKelway on consumer confidence numbers out today, and we may add a guest on the declines in factory orders and the possibility of the government running out of money sooner than we thought.

A Texas megachurch has been linked to at least 21 cases of measles.

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