Minnesota teachers, students cry discrimination over 'intolerable' heat in classrooms

A Minneapolis Public Schools building.

A Minneapolis Public Schools building.  (

A group of Minnesota teachers, parents and students are blaming discrimination for what they call “intolerable” conditions in their classrooms due to a lack of air conditioning. reports 18 schools in the Minneapolis Public School District do not have air conditioning and the area has been hit with a heat wave during the district’s first week back.

The group plans to hold a press conference, scheduled by the MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, called “Schools, Not Sweatshops” on Tuesday.

They say that the overheated classrooms are dangerous for students with asthma and other health conditions, and are making it harder for students to learn.

"I can't believe that 50 years after the March on Washington, we're still fighting for equity in our schools," Anthony Newby, executive director of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, tells "We know that in more affluent districts, parents aren't tolerating this. In Minneapolis, where a majority of students are children of color, our kids don't get climate controlled classrooms. It's outrageous."

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