Monday August 26, 2013 Happening Now - Is U.S. Going to Hit Syria?

Right now U.N. inspectors may be on their way to the site of what is thought to be a chemical weapons attack by the repressive Syrian regime on its own people. Reports suggest between 322 and 1300 people were killed in the attack last Wednesday. The White House has strongly denied UK reports some type of U.S. military retaliation was imminent. The U.S. and European countries have condemned the attack and the U.S. has sent warships into the Eastern Mediterranean. Leland Vittert, and Jennifer Griffin reporting.

Western Wildfires another lead story today. A fire burning near the famous Yosemite National Park has become one of the largest fires in California history at 225 square miles. It's only 7% contained. California's governor even says the water supply the San Francisco Bay Area may be interrupted because the area's water comes from a reservoir near and part of Yosemite (Hetch Hetchy). Dominic Di-Natale and Claudia Cowan reporting.

The penalty phase against convicted Fort Hood Massacre murderer Nidal Hasan gets under way today in Texas. Casey Stegall reporting.

Get ready for the water coolers conversations today about Miley Cyrus' outrageous performance last night at the VMA's. She twerked her way into conversations with the grinding dance on and around Robin Thicke and all over the stage to a shocked live audience.

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