Controversial 'God is Dead' artwork removed from Georgia school


Controversial posters with the words "God is Dead" have been removed from the walls of a Georgia high school, reported. 

The posters feature a quote from the Arthur Miller play, "The Crucible," and were displayed at Alcovy High School as part of a language arts project. 

Earlier this month, school district officials said they would not remove the artwork, claiming the posters are not an attack on religion and that they refer to the Salem witch trials. The posters were meant to symbolize the hunt for communists in the Joseph McCarthy era, the officials told 

A Facebook page, "God is Alive in Newton," garnered thousands of supporters, leading school officials to agree to explain the context of the artwork to freshmen and sophomores.  

"The teacher made the decision to remove the artwork until such time that she teaches the American literature course and 'The Crucible' as part of the associated curriculum," a school spokesperson told

The school superintendent reportedly said that the school system does not need the national attention.

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