Wednesday August 21, 2013 Happening Now New NSA Spy Reporting; Why Some Say Intervention in Syria/Egypt Not Smart

Wall Street Journal reporting today the NSA has built a surveillance system much more aggressive than previously reported. The Journal says the system has the capacity to see three-quarters of all U.S. internet traffic. Morgan Wright will tell us what it all means.

The Associated Press obtained a letter from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey to Congressman Eliot Engel of New York about Syria. Dempsey says the U.S. is opposing military meddling in Syria because the rebels are not dependable and wouldn't support U.S. interests even if they did come to power. Dempsey also said the U.S. is capable of destroying the Syrian air force, but it doesn't make much sense for us to get involved. Syrian rebels today said the Syrian dictatorship of Bashir Assad is using poisonous gas against them. No way to confirm that. More than 100,000 have died in the Syrian civil war.

Two more Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been arrested in Egypt as the Army continues a major crackdown. A cleric arrested at the border was dressed as a woman. Most of the Brotherhood's top leaders are now in prison. Both the EU and the U.S. are deciding what to do about military aid to Egypt. The U.S. gives Egypt $1.3B in aid.

The federal government gearing up for the rollout of Obamacare..come hell or high water. Ads, newspaper articles, commercials, town halls, outreach and more all starting to happen. Meantime, some conservatives may be planning a grand attack strategy on Obamacare for the Fall.

3 teens in Oklahoma have been charged in the death of a visiting Australian baseball player. The trio reportedly told police they were bored and so killed him. It's a story we first told you about yesterday. Today we'll show you the mug shots.

A close call in Georgia after a 20-year-old man armed with assault weapons went into an elementary school and fired a gun. Thankfully no one was hurt and the man is facing multiple criminal charges.

Convicted Wikileaker Bradley Manning to be sentenced today to between 25-90 years in prison for releasing U.S. secrets.

Nidal Hasan defense begins today in the Fort Hood massacre.

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