Egypt Crackdown Continues; Hasan Prosecution Close to Wrapping Up

An Egyptian court ordered the release of former dictator Hosni Mubarak though another court will examine the order. It comes as violence continues to shake Egypt to its core. A crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood has only intensified with the arrest today of the group's spiritual leader. The death toll from days of violence continues to rise. Saudi Arabia now saying it will step in to fund the new Egyptian government if the U.S. and Europe pull funding.

A court martial for convicted Wikileaker Bradley Manning continues today. A military judge will begin deciding his fate today. He faces as much as 60 years in prison.

Staff Sgt Robert Bales will appear in court today for sentencing. He admitted killing 16 Afghans in a rampage in March of 2012.

Prosecutors are set to rest their case today in the military tribunal trial of admitted Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan. The defense then gets its chance. The trial expected to wrap up this week.

A B-1 bomber crashed in Montana.. Amazingly all four aboard are alive.

A mandatory evacuation order in Idaho remains in effect for 2000 homes as a massive 160-square-mile fire continues to burn. The fire is just 8% contained, but about 100 homeowners were allowed to return home.

Another fire has been spreading in Oregon near the Columbia River city of the Dalles. It's now about 8-square miles and some buildings are evacuated.

President Obama is back from vacation and pushing the nation's top financial regulators to implement new rules signed into law three years ago. Later this week he heads out on a bus tour to discuss the importance of college and paying for it. This as we get a new study that suggests the price of college going up and up.. and up. The new study finds the number of students who need some type of student aid is soaring.

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