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AP PHOTOS: Months after twister destroyed Okla. schools, a look at some students who survived

Nearly three months after a twister blasted through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore and destroyed two elementary schools, students and teachers are returning back to school and trying to put the memory of the deadly tornado behind them.

Though many families are ready to return to familiar routines, parents and teachers say the town's children have fears that are still fresh and a lot more healing to do.

Associated Press Photographer Sue Ogrocki captured images of students on May 20, soon after the tornado plowed through Plaza Towers Elementary School. Her photos showed rescuers plucking students and teachers from the rubble. Twenty-four people were killed that day by the tornado, including seven students at Plaza Towers.

Months later, Ogrocki revisited some of these children and teacher Jennifer Doan to see how they were doing as they prepared to return to school on Friday.

Here's a gallery of then-and-now images from Ogrocki.

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