Rising Death Toll in Egypt - More than 500 Dead; New Poll Trouble for President Obama

The Egyptian Health Ministry now says more than 500 died in violence across Egypt yesterday as the Army attacked pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo.. to end two sit-in protests.

A series of car bombs hitting Baghdad today have killed at least 31 people. More than 3,000 have died in a renewed surge of violence in Iraq in the past 3 months.

U.N. chemical weapons experts headed to Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

Investigators continue to try to figure out what brought down an A300 cargo plan yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama. Two pilots are dead.

We get weekly jobless numbers out today. We'll also get some other reads on the economy. Stocks have taken a bit of a hit on a growing belief the U.S. Federal Reserve will begin cutting monetary stimulus. New Gallup polling just out suggests President Obama is taking a hit in his popularity over the economy. Just 35% approve of his handling of the economy. U.S. home foreclosures on track for a six year low.

David Lee Miller reporting on the danger of New York City going the way of Detroit.. with many employee contracts expired and a troubled pension system calling for attention.

The Republican National Committee is gathering today in Boston for its annual summer meeting. Molly Line reporting.

Firefighters continue to make progress in a battle against a wildfire that has destroyed 14 homes near Park City, Utah.

The military trial of Nidal Hasan.. the admitted Fort Hood shooter that left 13 dead.. continues today. Casey Stegall reporting.

Private Bradley Manning - the accused Wikileaker - pleaded for leniency during his sentencing yesterday. He's facing up to 90 years for leaking state secrets. The apparently fragile man said he was sorry for his actions.

Doug McKelway reporting on the safety of U.S. nuclear plants.

Bachelor star Gia Allemand who was spurned on the popular reality show was found hanging in her New Orleans home on Monday and died Wednesday in hospital.

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