Monday August 12, 2013 Happening Now

A sinkhole has opened up under a villa at a Florida resort causing one building to partially collapse while undermining another.

A dramatic ending to that multi-state Amber Alert we told you about last week. Missing California teenager Hannah Anderson was found safe at a campground near Cascade, Idaho late Saturday. Her abductor and the alleged murderer of her mother and 8-year-old brother - James Lee DiMaggio - was shot and killed by FBI agents. Hannah will reportedly be reunited soon with her father at a hospital. Will Carr reporting.

President Obama is on vacation this week. Friday he held a news conference that made lots of news.

The President seemed irritated with Russian President Vladimir Putin.. calling out Putin for his body language during joint appearances (like the one in June), and saying Russia has been ratcheting up anti-American sentiment and rekindling old stereotypes of the Cold War.

He also called out Republicans for the constant attempt to repeal Obamacare. In a major defense of his signature legislation, the President calling repeal the "holy grail" for the GOP. The President says there is zero chance of that happening, and he doubts the GOP will shut down the government over funding the law.

Wendell Goler reports on the power of the Federal Reserve and the President's coming choice to name a new head to replace Ben Bernanke.

Casey Stegall is reporting on the resumption of the Nidal Hasan murder military trial. Friday we heard from survivors of the 2009 Fort Hood massacre. We heard from some of the victims including those who were trying to escape with severe injuries like shot organs and paralyzed legs. Awful.

The jury in the Whitey Bulger trial resumes deliberations in Boston. The jury has been deliberating for 28 hours since they got the racketeering case on Tuesday. Bulger is implicated in the murder of as many as 19 people. Molly Line reporting.

Doug McKelway reporting on "black boxes" now coming to a car near you. Safety tool or more Big Brother?

Mexico coming under some criticism for the release of some high-profile criminals.. including a drug kingpin who killed an American DEA Agent back in 1985. Might be worth a segment this week on the deteriorating U.S./Mexico relationship.

William La Jeunesse today reports on a new tactic being used by illegal immigrants.. asking for asylum. We'll explain.

18 of 19 embassies that had been closed due to terror warnings reopened yesterday. The embassy in Yemen, however will remain closed. It comes as drone strikes continue to take out Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Yemen. The leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen meantime, is vowing to free fellow terrorists from prisons.

Leland Vittert is watching what's happening in Egypt today where deposed leader Morsi's supporters are vowing to remain at two Cairo sit-ins in protest the Army taking over. The Army has given them a deadline of today to end the sit-ins.

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