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Authorities checking report that woman missing after Colorado mudslide might be at hospital

Officials in the Colorado town of Manitou (MAN'-ih-too) Springs are investigating whether a hospitalized woman is the remaining person missing after a deadly mudslide and flash flood over the weekend.

Spokesman Johnny Rae of Penrose Hospital in nearby Colorado Springs identified her as 49-year-old Laura Hunter, and said officials believe she was rescued Friday from a tree in Manitou Springs.

That matches accounts of the missing woman that witnesses gave police. City spokesman Dave Hunting said Monday officials haven't confirmed whether she is that missing woman.

Hunter is in fair condition. Rae said he couldn't discuss her injuries.

The mudslide killed one person. Three others were initially unaccounted for after the storm, but two have been found safe.

The mudslide destroyed six houses and damaged more than 30.

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