NYC beach neighborhood ravaged by fire during superstorm is still in ruins nearly a year later

A lone home is rising amid the ruins of more than 100 houses that burned to ashes during Superstorm Sandy.

Nine months after the fire tore through Breezy Point, a neighborhood of tightly packed homes in New York City, this house is the only one under construction.

The fire swept unchecked through the area as it was flooded, preventing fire trucks from entering Breezy Point to stop it.

Nearly 130 homes were reduced to blackened rubble. The neighborhood became a symbol of the storm's devastation.

A perfect storm of government inefficiency, cumbersome permit laws and general confusion has hampered the recovery effort.

Sandy battered the East Coast, flooding homes, killing dozens of people and costing millions in damage. It was one of the most costly storms in U.S. history.