Judge orders daughter of Pittsburgh poisoning suspect to remain with victim's parents

A judge says the 6-year-old daughter of a University of Pittsburgh researcher who's charged with fatally poisoning his wife with cyanide should remain in the custody of her maternal grandparents.

Allegheny County Judge David Cashman issued that order Wednesday after a closed-door custody hearing.

The girl, Cianna, is the daughter of 64-year-old Dr. Robert Ferrante. He's jailed on charges he poisoned the girl's mother, Dr. Autumn Klein, in April.

Ferrante's adult son from a previous relationship, Michael Ferrante, of Boston, and his wife sought to care for the girl. But Cashman ruled the Ferrantes can't claim custody under Pennsylvania law, which restricts such claims to parents, grandparents or those who have acted as a child's "stand-in" parents.

As a result, the girl will remain with Lois and William Klein, of Towson, Md.