Big Brother is Watching; New FOX Polling; Fire in SoCal

New Reuters exclusive reporting today on that DEA spying story.. the new details on that program that feeds tips to the feds about non-terror crimes and then hides the trail. Reuters says details of the DEA program were actually used in a manual that was published and utilized for at least a couple of years. The man who helped break the story, John Shiffman, joins us again.

The New York Times reports the NSA spying on Americans program was more involved than initially reported.

Big Brother is watching.

President Obama spoke to the troops at Camp Pendleton yesterday saying despite the recent terror threats to U.S. embassies, the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Yemen, and the spike in chatter by Al Qaeda that Al Qaeda was on the ropes. President Obama said "Because of you, the 9/11 generation, we are accomplishing what we set out to do. Because of you, Osama bin Laden is no more. Because of you, al-Qaeda's top ranks have been hammered. The core of al-Qaeda, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is on the way to defeat. That happened because of you."

As we reported yesterday, the White House has cancelled a meeting between Putin and President Obama.. echoes of the Cold War...

Lots of new Fox polls out today. Let's discuss with Angela McGlowan.

Weekly jobless numbers out today. Doug McKelway reporting on some "alternative" measures of unemployment.

Embattled home loan company Freddie Mac reported a $5 BILLION profit and make a more than $4B payback payment to the Federal Government (remember we loaned the home loan companies more than $100B during the financial collapse. The return to health of both Freddie and Fannie Mae raising doubts about the President's plan to create a new government loan agency.

The military trial against Nidal Hasan resumes at 10am at Fort Hood. 13 people at Fort Hood were killed in 2009. Yesterday Hasan's lawyers said he was actively working for the prosecution. Casey Stegall reporting.

Jurors in the Whitey Bulger racketeering trial asking for clarifications on several legal issues as they continue to deliberate. Molly Line reporting.

A new wildfire has broken out in Riverside County, CA.. forcing evacuations. 3 injured so far. Dominic Di-Natale reporting.

A CA amber alert has been expanded to Oregon. A computer technician is accused of killing his longtime friend, and possibly her son, and then kidnapping the 16-year-old. He allegedly burned down his own home. There's now been sightings in Oregon so police there issued an Amber alert. Will Carr reporting.

At least four are dead after a series of shootings in Dallas. A suspect is in custody.

The Powerball jackpot hit $448M, and lottery officials say there are three winning tickets.

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