Wednesday August 7, 2013 Happening Now - Jury Has Case in Whitey Bulger Racketeering Trial; Benghazi Update

President Obama says Americans can keep their travel plans for the Summer including overseas trips, but should be cautious. The comments come in response to the warnings issued by the U.S. government that Al Qaeda and its affiliates are targeting U.S. installations around the world. Several embassies have closed, and the Yemeni embassy has been evacuated. Terrorist chatter has been high and it appears an Al Qaeda leader has issued a demand for Al Qaeda franchises to go on the offensive.

Another suspected U.S. drone strike has killed 7 suspected terrorists in Yemen. It's the 5th such attack in two weeks.

The President will today visit with U.S. troops at Camp Pendleton after holding an online chat with users of Zillow - the online real estate site - and Yahoo.

The head of a Libyan militia is one of those named in a new lawsuit filed by the Justice Department in response to the murder of 4 U.S. diplomats in Benghazi in September of last year. Ahmed Abu Khattala told the New York Times he's "innocent." The legal complaint is sealed, but is thought to charge at least three in the deadly terror attack.

New reports that a Syrian army ambush has killed 62 rebels. The death is now well over 100,000 in the Syrian civil war that began in March of 2011.

A massive fire at the Nairobi, Kenya airport is diverting many flights.. details as we get ‘em.

A Boeing 737 has skidded off the runway in Thailand.. no injuries.. Yesterday we got word a Korean Airlines passenger overshot the runway at Nagata Airport.. also no injuries..

We're also learning more about that Southwest hard landing at LaGuardia that injured 9.. apparently moments before the bad landing, the Captain took control of the landing from the First Officer.

IT's day two of deliberations in the Whitey Bulger racketeering trial. The alleged mobster is accused of hundreds of crimes including helping in the murder of 19 people.

The Nidal Hasan murder trial continues today at Fort Hood.

The author a fascinating new book on what life was like for Puritans is here to discuss life in early America.

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