Evacuating U.S. Embassy in Yemen; Justice Investigates DEA spying; Newspaper Shakeup

New developments in the DEA spying scandal.. We'll talk to the Reuters correspondent who helped break the story. The Justice Department is now investigating the matter.

New details on the terror warning that closed at least 19 U.S. facilities around the world. Apparently the U.S. intercepted electronic communications from the head of Al Qaeda to its Yemen affiliate to launch terror attacks. Jennifer Griffin reporting the U.S. is evacuating Americans from the Yemen embassy and many Mideast embassies will remain closed.

Yemen says a drone strike killed four suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Today Jennifer Griffin reports on a slew of jail breaks around the Muslim world that have many in the security world very concerned.

Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos is buying the Washington Post for just $250 million dollars. The Washington Post has been a DC institution for generations and helped bring down the presidency of Richard Nixon. It comes just days after we learned the New York Times is selling the Boston Globe. The L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune also for sale. Interesting times for old media.

New fears over some of the nation's biggest cities' pension obligations. The New York Times reporting that Chicago is in deep trouble over their pension system.. essentially there's not enough money for it. Many other cities in the same boat.

On it's way to bankruptcy, Detroit holds a primary for the mayor's race today. Good luck with that job.

President Obama on a big push on keeping the 30 year mortgage despite the trouble extensive home loans got the country into just a few years ago. President Obama is in Arizona to push for a new 30 year loan system to help home ownership rates. It comes as interest rates on loans are creeping up.

The trial of Army psychiatrist Nidal Hassan begins today almost four years after the massacre at Fort Hood. Hasan is representing himself. Casey Stegall reporting.

A man apparently mad at city government opened fire on a township meeting in Ross Township, PA last night killing 3 before he was shot and injured by a town official. Rick Leventhal reports.

A jury now deliberating in the racketeering trial of reputed mobster Whitey Bulger. Molly Line reporting and our legal panel weighs in.

Alex Rodriguez was booed in his return to baseball last night for the Yankees. He's fighting suspension from the MLB for performance enhancing drug use. 12 other players took suspension from the MLB including Nelson Cruz.

Steve Harrigan reporting on the one year anniversary of NASA's Curiosity Rover's landing on Mars.

Japan marks 68 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. As many as 140,000 died in the bombing that helped bring World War II to an end.

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