Utah teen found alive after spending four days in forest

Rescue crews have found a 14-year-old boy alive after he was missing for four days inside a Utah forest nearly 10,000 feet above sea level.

Around 8 p.m. local time Sunday, Andre Duran was found by two Daggett County Search and Rescue team members in the Hickerson Park area in Northeast Utah, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Duran disappeared Thursday from a program for troubled youths near Spirit Lake, and the search for him turned up a lone footprint in the forest on Saturday. The location where he was found was around 5 miles from Spirit Lake, and Duran appeared to be in good condition, the Daggett County sheriff’s office said.

Authorities from at least four counties spent the weekend searching for Duran on horseback, with dogs and by helicopters, using thermal imaging equipment, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Teens at the camp were required to hand over their shoes as a way to discourage them from running away, according to KTVU.

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