Monday August 5, 2013 Happening Now - Reuters: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

Several major U.S. embassies remain closed today after threats were intercepted suggesting attacks on U.S. facilities were imminent. Diplomatic posts in at least 19 countries will be closed through the end of this week. It comes after terrorist chatter has spiked recently, and as high-level jail breaks have been reported in several countries known to have active terror groups including Al Qaeda running loose.

Reuters reporting today that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is funneling information gathered from investigations into criminal investigations of Americans.. not suspected of terrorists. Perhaps worse, the source of the investigations are being covered up by law enforcement. More as we get it.

Senators McCain and Graham due to travel to Egypt today at the request of President Obama to try and help deal with the political crisis there.

Major League Baseball to finally announce a series of suspensions today.. over performance enhancing drugs.. Players had until last night to make a deal with the league. 14 players including Alex Rodriguez thought to be implicated.

Closing arguments begin today in the racketeering trial of Whitey Bulger.

The sentencing hearing for Army Private Bradley Manning resumes today. He's facing 136 years in prison for leaking secrets to Wikileaks.

Hazmat teams on the scene of a train crash in Louisiana. More than 20 cars derailed. At least one train car is leaking sodium hydroxide.

A horrible crash in Venice, California was caught on tape. 1 dead and 11 injured in the incident Saturday night after a car drove down a sidewalk at a high rate of speed plowing into folks out for a walk.

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