Wednesday July 31, 2013 Happening Now - President Obama Heads to the Hill, GOP Pushes Very Different Agenda

President Obama headed to Capitol Hill today to meet with Democrats in House & Senate. It comes just a day and a half before Congress leaves town for August recess (must be nice!). The meetings are private, but FOX is staking out the meetings to try and turn sound. Interesting that no meetings are planned with Republicans. Looks like most of the President's agenda is stalled including immigration reform. Mike Emanuel is reporting and we'll talk with our political guests about the gridlock on the Hill.

1125EDT -- POTUS meets with the Senate Dem Caucus in the US Capitol LBJ Room. CLOSED / LIVE STAKEOUT

Republicans on the Hill are unveiling a series of bills they say will prevent government abuse. There could be a vote on the so-called "STOP IRS Act" today. HR 2565 sponsored by Rep Jim Renacci would allow firing of employment of IRS employees who take actions for political purposes. There's also a House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee hearing on the IRS today. It comes after two top GOP'ers demanded yet another probe into the IRS targeting of conservatives.

There's also a hearing today on FISA surveillance programs. Catherine Herridge reporting.

0900EDT -- Senate Judiciary Cmte hearing on FISA surveillance programs titled, "Strengthening Privacy Rights and Natl Security: Oversight of FISA Surveillance Programs". Deputy Atty Gen James Cole, NSA Deputy Dir John Inglis, DNI Gen Counsel Robert Litt, FBI Deputy Dir Sean Joyce, US Dist Court for the Northern Dist of OH Sr Judge James Carr, ACLU Deputy Legal Dir Jameel Jaffer, and atty Stewart Baker testify. LIVE

There will also be a briefing by a key commander into what happened when four Americans were killed in that terror attack in Benghazi back in September of last year. James Rosen reporting.

0800EDT -- Col. George Bristol, fmr special ops cmnder in Northern/Western Africa task force, is expected to brief House Armed Services Cmte members at a closed hearing on Capitol Hill. LIVE

Peter Doocy reports on the Bradley Manning conviction. Manning faces up to 128 years in prison in a sentencing that begins today. He was found guilty of leaking secrets yesterday though he been acquitted of the most serious charge.. aiding the enemy.

We get some important economic numbers today including GDP and the ADP employment report. Later today, we'll get an idea of what direction the Federal Reserve will take going forward and whether interest rates will remain low.


0815EDT -- ADP employment

0830EDT -- GDP

0830EDT -- Employment Cost Index

Casey Stegall has a great report for us on hiring at American Airlines @AmericanAir and the training flight attendants go through. #NewAMerican

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