Awaiting Verdict in Wikileaks Case; Real Housewife in Real Life Trouble

A new round of peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators begins today in DC. Secretary of State John Kerry is spearheading the renewed push for peace.

There are at least 3 injuries after a series of explosions at a Florida propane gas plant.

Could reputed mobster Whitey Bulger take the stand this week? It's possible. Our legal panel takes a look at the case as the defense continues calling witnesses.

We'll be awaiting a ruling in the court-martial of alleged Wikileaker Army private Bradley Manning. It's expected at 1pm. Catherine Herridge reporting.

Molly Line has an awesome report today on tagging Great White sharks off Cape Cod.

John Roberts reports on a next generation power plant.

Alicia Acuna is reporting on a Veteran's hospital construction boondoggle in Colorado.

Mass pro-Muslim Brotherhood rallies expected today in Cairo. Conor Powell reporting.

Another train crash in Europe to tell you about. This time 44 injured in a head-on collision in Switzerland. Rick Folbaum reports.

One of the stars of the reality TV show "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is in court today. Therese Giudice and her husband Joe are charged in a 39 count indictment that accuses them of exaggerating income and hiding assets in a bankruptcy filing. Julie Banderas reports.

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