Friday July 26, 2013 Happening Now - Manning, Bulger, Ariel, Weiner, & Hernandez All Making News Today - Parade of Heroes.. Not

President Obama leaves for Camp David today.

New FOX polling will provide fodder for our politics guests today.

The final pre-trial hearing for accused kidnapper Ariel Castro is today at 10am. There are reports he could enter a plea to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. He would instead spend the rest of his life behind bars. Garrett Tenney reporting.

Closing arguments today in the court-martial of Bradley Manning over leaks to Wikileaks.

Feds expected to wrap up their case against Whitey Bulger following testimony from two fnal witnesses.

New pictures show alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez before and after the alleged murder holding a gun.

The Pope continues his visit to Rio de Janiero.

New evidence suggests that deadly train crash in Spain may have been caused by a speeding train driver. Greg Palkot reports on the safety of train travel.

There's also growing evidence that Southwest plane crash this week in New York may have been pilot error. It looks like the nose gear landed ahead of the main landing gear.. not supposed to happen.

The Egyptian Army has called for massive protests today in support of the Army and against ousted president Mohammed Morsi. This as there are reports Morsi has been arrested.

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