President Obama's Big Economy Push as New Polls Give Pause

President Obama is giving another speech on the economy today in Jacksonville, Florida. Today he'll be pushing for infrastructure spending on stuff like new roads and high-speed trains. The President wants the U.S. to create an infrastructure bank. Yesterday in two separate speeches on the economy, the President went after republicans in the House hard saying their actions were creating hardship for middle class families. He says the country has been distracted by "phony" scandals.

1145EDT -- Air Force One departs Joint Base Andrews en route to Jacksonville, FL. LIVE

1435EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on the economy at Jacksonville Port Authority, Jacksonville, FL. LIVE

New polling from FOX echoes what we've been seeing elsewhere: The President's popularity has taken a hit. Voter satisfaction is down. A majority also don't think the economy has turned a corner. Perhaps worse for the President, more than half those polled want Obamacare repealed, and think it will cost them rather than save them money. If it's any consolation, Congress' approval rating remains terrible.

We get weekly jobless numbers today.

An amendment to defund the NSA in light of the revelations of the extent to which the agency is spying on average Americans narrowly failed yesterday. The vote in the House was much closer than expected. Mike Emanuel reports.

The Senate passed a bill to lower student loan interest rates finally yesterday. The House expected to follow suit.

At least 77 are dead after a train derails in Spain. More than 140 were injured. The passenger train jumped the track sending cars full of people smashing into each other and a nearby wall.

Closing arguments could begin today in the court martial of Bradley Manning. He's the solder accused to helping Wikileaks publish secret U.S. military intel. Peter Doocy reporting.

Anthony Weiner continues to campaign in his race to be New York City's next mayor despite the sexting scandal embroiling him and his family, and growing calls for him to get out of the race.

OJ Simpson goes before a Nevada parole board today. No matter the outcome, OJ won't get out of prison anytime soon.

Pope Francis will visit a favela in Rio de Janiero before speaking to a crowd expected to reach 1,000,000 on the Copacabana beach.

China is set to spend $275 billion to try to do something about the terrible air pollution there.. especially around Beijing.

The owner of a natural gas rig burning off the coast of Louisiana will attempt to drill a relief well.

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