Wednesday July 24, 2013 Happening Now - President Obama's Economy Push; Congress Pushes Back

President Obama making a big push on the economy today with two speeches. He'll claim credit for some of the recent economic gains, and try to pressure Congress on parts of his agenda. Republicans in Congress are having none of it.. even pushing budgets that gut many of the President's signature policies. They're even threatening to stop spending bills completely unless funding for Obamacare is stripped. It could all lead to a government shutdown at the end of September. Mike Emanuel and Wendell Goler are reporting.

1210EDT -- Air Force One arrives Quad Cities Airport, Moline, IL. POOL TAPE

1255EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on the economy at Knox College, Galesburg, IL. LIVE

Lots of problems for the President in new NBC News/WSJ and Washington Post/ABC polling on the President's approval ratings and on health care. Both show the President taking a hit in approval and a drop in approval of the healthcare overhaul.

New Fox News polls come out at 6pm.

Catherine Herridge reporting today on a Fox News exclusive. She's learned the name of one of surviving agents from the Benghazi terror attacks, and has heard his story. She'll fill us in today.

The White House and some GOP leaders are warning an effort to cancel authority for the NSA is dangerous to national security. GOP Congressman Justin Amash is pushing the measure.

New home sales reported at 10am. There's been some mixed news on the housing front of late.

Accused Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro is expected in court today for his last pre-trial hearing before trial. He's charged with nearly 1,000 counts of kidnapping, rape and other crimes. Garrett Tenney reporting.

Alleged mafia kingpin Whitey Bulger's trial continues. His ex partner's testimony has been riveting including accusations Bulger is a pedophile. The former buddy is due back on the stand today.

Jennifer Griffin reporting today on the five options for military action in Syria laid out by Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey. A little summary? None of the options are very good. We'll ask Ambassador Bolton what the U.S. should do. Meantime a chemical weapons team arrived in Damascus today for a possible eventual investigation into the use of chemical weapons in the civil war.

In Egypt, the military is calling for massive demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood. At least 100 people have died in violence since the army deposed Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi.

Montana leading the nation in aggressive legislation to protect its citizens from government spying (not saying that just because my dad lives there). Dan Springer has the report.

The Kennedy family back in the spotlight today. A batch of papers sealed for more than 50 years set to released to researchers today. The papers belonged to the late Attorney General, Presidential candidate and brother of John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy. James Rosen reports on what those papers tell us about subjects ranging from the war in Vietnam to CIA plots to the Mafia. We also have a Kennedy biographer booked today who can shed more light on the Kennedy family.

We got our first look at the British royal baby yesterday. Prince William and his wife Kate left the hospital and showed off their new bundle of joy. The Prince even managed to properly install the child seat. We still don't know the little boy's name.

Former congressman and NYC mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. New and graphic pictures and texts of the married man emerged yesterday including pictures of his private parts. His wife says she stand by him, and he won't quit the race for mayor. We'll see if Christine Quinn benefits from Weiner's proclivities.

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