New Calls for Select Cmte on Benghazi, Southwest Crash Landing in NYC, Royal Baby Arrives

A frightening scene at LaGuardia Airport as Southwest Airlines Flight 345 landed on collapsed landing gear. The flight carrying 150 people from Nashville crash-landed yesterday after the nose gear collapsed. 10 people were treated at the scene. The Airport was closed for several hours. Peter Goelz will be here to discuss what happened as the NTSB and FAA pour over the crash site and data from the plane and tower.

At Noon today, 1,000 Special Ops vets will present what they are calling the "largest ever petition," to Congress to demand a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi terror attack. Catherine Herridge reports.

Celebrations across the British Commonwealth after the birth of a healthy royal baby boy to William and Kate. So far the young couple hasn't shared a name.

Pope Francis' first trip to South America has not gone smoothly so far. First, the Pope had to switch vehicles after his non-descript traveling van was mobbed and then mobbed again after being stuck in traffic in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the panic on the part of some security, the Pope seemed to take it all in stride even reaching into the crowds from the open window of his surrounded vehicle. Meantime, an incendiary device was found at the location of one of the Pope's scheduled stops.

Six are dead in fresh clashes in Cairo.

Heavy fighting as the civil war in Syria rages on. The dictator Bashir Assad appears to be gaining the upper hand, as the U.S. Congress and the President bicker over military aid to the rebels there.

Three Americans killed in a roadside bomb blast in eastern Afghanistan.

94 now confirmed dead in that earthquake in China we told you about yesterday.

Baseball fans reeling again after 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun accepted a 65 game suspension for unspecified violations of baseball's drug testing program and labor contract. More suspensions could come down at any time.

Two big health headlines today. 1. A new report that says eating breakfast is important to men's health. 2. A disturbing story of lettuce contaminated by a rare parasite that has sickened 250 people across the country.

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