Friday July 19, 2013 Happening Now - Detroit Bankrupt, U.S. Baking

Sad news from one of America's great cities. Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection last night. To give you an idea of what residents have been up against: Wait times for 911 calls close to an hour, no local precincts, sporadic trash pickup, a loss of 200,000 residents in four years, 40% of streetlights don't work, 78,000 structures are completely abandoned, murder rates among the top of the nation.. it goes on and on. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says it could be a new beginning for the Motor City. There is a press conference this morning where we're expected to get details of the bankruptcy and what's next. Mike Tobin is reporting.

There's also fears the bankruptcy could impact the bond market and the ability of other cities to borrow money. We'll be watching for any fallout in the markets.

The disgusting heat wave continues across much of the nation. No relief for much of the Northeast until at least Sunday. Energy demand is hitting records in some areas as residents crank up the AC. Hospitals are being jammed with victims of the heat. So far only sporadic power outages. Out West, wildfires are a problem. Severe thunderstorms likely as a cooler front collides with the heat.. Rick Leventhal reporting.

Autopsy results due today for a 16-year-old girl who was killed in Asiana Airlines Flight 214. She was the girl who was run over by first responders after being thrown from the crashing jet. We're expecting to find out if the crash or the vehicle that ran over killed her.

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