IRS Scandal Hearing & President Obama's Big Healthcare Push

It's a big day for ObamaCare. Just a day after the House voted again against the Affordable Care Act, the President will give a big speech advocating for the law and the changes is already wrought. Yesterday, the House voted to delay both the employer and the individual mandate portion, though neither will go any further. Congress is beginning to lose count with various Congressman and Congresswomen giving differing accounts of the number of times they've tried to kill the bill. (Washington Post says there's been 67 times if you include the Senate amendment votes. 39 in the House) Wendell Goler at the White House. We'll ask AB Stoddard, Karl Rove and Angela McGlowan about the legislation.

1125EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks on the Affordable Care Act. East Room. LIVE

There's also a big hearing today on the IRS scandal. An IRS agent in the Cincinnati department to testify about the inappropriate targeting of Tea Party groups. Mike Emanuel reporting.

1100EDT -- House Oversight & Govt Reform Cmte hearing titled "The IRS's Systematic Delay and Scrutiny of Tea Party Applications." IRS Tax Exempt & Govt Entities Div revenue agent for exempt orgs Elizabeth Hofacre, IRS Tax Exempt & Govt Entities Div fmr tax law specialist for exempt orgs Carter Hull, Treasury Inspector gen for Tax Admin J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector Gen for Tax Admin chief Counsel Michael McCarthy, and asst inspector gen for management services & exempt orgs Gregory Kutz testify. LIVE

The Senate may have come up with a compromise to get a handle on student loan interest rates that spiked to 6.8%. A vote could come today.

Weekly jobless numbers out today.

The heat wave that's brought much of the nation to its knees may not be leaving the Northeast yet, but parts of the Midwest will begin to see lower temperatures as a cooler front from Canada pushes into the U.S. Still here in New York City temperatures will remain stuck in the 90's through the coming weekend. David Lee Miller reporting.

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