Wisconsin man, 76, faces trial for shooting teenage neighbor

An elderly man is going on trail for the fatal shooting of his teenage neighbor in case drawing Zimmerman comparisons


Fourteen jurors have been selected to hear the case of a 76-year-old white Milwaukee man accused of gunning down a 13-year-old black boy last year over a theft allegation.

The overall pool of prospective jurors contained four black people, but the defense removed three of them.

Prosecutor Mark Williams told the judge he wasn't pleased about that. He says he wants to take up the issue Tuesday morning before opening statements.

John Henry Spooner is accused of killing his neighbor, Darius Simmons, on a sidewalk near their homes. Prosecutors say Spooner suspected Simmons of breaking into his home and stealing guns.

Defense attorney Franklyn Gimbel says he'll argue Spooner didn't intend to kill the teen.