Petraeus to take $1 pay for visiting professorship at CUNY after criticism for high salary

Former CIA director David Petraeus (peh-TRAY'-uhs) is taking a big salary cut for his visiting professorship at the City University of New York after being criticized for how much he was getting paid.

The New York Times reports ( ) Petraeus will teach his seminar at Macaulay (muh-KAHL'-lee) Honors College in the next academic year for $1. That's down quite a bit from the $200,000 that first reported he was getting.

The high salary for someone teaching one class spurred outrage in a system in which the average full-time faculty member salary is just under $90,000.

Petraeus' attorney says he proposed the change because he wanted to keep focus on the students and the teaching, not the money.

Petraeus was an Iraq and Afghanistan war hero but left the CIA in scandal after an affair with his biographer.


Information from: The New York Times,