Monday July 15, 2013 Happening Now - Arrests in L.A. over Zimmerman; More Revelations on NSA?

Police in Los Angeles have arrested some protesters on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. 100 police in riot gear tried to get protesters to leave overnight to no avail. Protests over the Zimmerman not guilty verdict have been mostly peaceful. Zimmerman was found not guilty late Saturday in a South Florida courtroom. Meantime, legal experts say it won't be easy for the Justice Department to mount a federal civil rights case against Zimmerman. Justice says it's reviewing evidence.

NSA leader Edward Snowden is awaiting word on possible asylum in Russia. He allegedly asked for temporary asylum though Russian officials say they haven't received the required request. Meantime, Guardian newspaper journalist Glenn Greenwald who's been reporting on leaks from Snowden says the leaker has highly sensitive documents explaining how the NSA operates and its structure. Apparently, if anything happens to Snowden a trove of secrets would be released.

A trial begins today over the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's voter ID laws.

Iran's President-Elect is tearing into outgoing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his handling of the Iranian economy. Apparently it's worse than once thought.

There's been a surge in violence in Iraq with several mostly-Shi-ite cities attacked. At least 38 were killed Sunday.

A car bombing north of Syria's capital of Damascus has killed 13 as the civil war rages on. It comes as we get word of video of a Syrian airstrike on one of Syria's most famous landmarks.. the Crac des Chevaliers - a 12th century castle and UNESCO world heritage site.

Sad ending to a promising career. 31 year old actor Cory Monteith died of unknown causes over the weekend. The star of the Fox series "Glee" was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room. He'd been treated for drug and alcohol problems including stints in rehab.

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