Friday July 12, 2013 Happening Now - Closing Arguments Wrap Up in Zimmerman Murder Trial

It's closing arguments today in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Zimmerman is accused of killing Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman claims self-defense. The defense presents its closing arguments today beginning at 8:30am ET. We'll take it live in its entirety. Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda finished his closing arguments yesterday arguing Zimmerman tracked Martin in an act of angry vigilante justice. After the defense closes, the prosecution gets a rebuttal.. then the case goes to the jury. Phil Keating reporting, and we have a panel of guests to guide us through the twists and turns today.

It's close to a war in the U.S. Senate between Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Reid is close to voting to limit the Senate filibuster. McConnell is accusing Reid of trying to destroy the U.S. Senate.

Democrats are close to a student loan deal that would re-instate low interest rates. One big roadblock, a new estimate that suggests the program would cost $22 billion over 10 years. Last week, interest rates doubled to 6.8%.

Outrage by some in the House after the Farm Bill was passed without food stamp funding attached.

New reports suggest former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is raking in $200,000 per speech!

Doug McKelway reporting today on a deadline for Attorney General Eric Holder to provide a report detailing DOJ guidelines on investigations of reporters. You'll remember the DOJ has come under fire for secretly seizing phone and email records of reporters while investigating leaks.

New details on the aftermath of the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214. Claudia Cowan reporting.

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