No Go on Immigration Overhaul in House?

Prospects are not looking good in the House for comprehensive immigration reform. Yesterday, House Republicans met behind closed doors to discuss the deal. The near-unanimous verdict? The Senate overhaul will not pass the House. Angela McGlowan is here to discuss.

The Washington Post has a good report on the efforts by the Obama Administration to sell the Affordable Care Act and to get people to enroll, and the GOP efforts to stop it. Senator John Thune and Jamie Weinstein from the Daily Caller will weigh in.

Closing arguments today in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Police and city leaders taking steps to be prepared for potential unrest in the wake of the verdict. Phil Keating reporting.

We get weekly jobless claims numbers today.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid considering the so-called "nuclear option" on Senate nominees. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Victoria Nuland, President Obama's pick to be Asst Secy of State likely to get some tough questions on the Hill today as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing into her nomination. The Benghazi terror attack likely to be a focus.

Congress has frozen money and weapons President Obama promised to the Syrian rebels. Catherine Herridge reporting.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee holding a hearing today on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Getting new details on the deadly Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash in San Francisco. Passengers were not given the immediate OK to evacuate the plane. Claudia Cowan reporting.

The New York Times reporting on the link between killed Boston terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev and a Boston murder in September of 2011. There is some criticism that if that initial crime had been solved, the Boston terror attack could have been prevented.

There's a new report on the nation's energy infrastructure's vulnerability to weather and to global warming. Rick Folbaum will weigh in.

Randy Travis underwent surgery to relieve pressure in his brain after a stroke. The country singer was already in the hospital being treated for heart failure.

New data suggests Americans are getting more exercise and living longer, but rates of obesity are actually increasing. Blame rich and abundant food. Americans are eating more calories.

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