Wednesday July 10, 2013 Happening Now; Congress Busy Attacking Obamacare and the IRS

Keep a close eye on Congress today where lawmakers will be busy.

The House expected to go on the attack against Obamacare today just as the White House is dramatically expanding its efforts to sell the Affordable Care Act. Republicans in the House will hold hearings into delays that have plagued the rollout. They will also vote again on killing key provisions. Meantime, HHS Secretary Sebelius will have a key announcement today at 10am and the Obama Administration is making a huge PR push to get people signed up. Jim Angle reporting.

1000EDT -- House Ways and Means Health Subcmte hearing on the admin's decision to delay the employer mandate and the employer information reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act. LIVE

1000EDT -- HHS Secy Sebelius, joined by Health Resources & Services Admin Mary Wakefield, make an important announcement related to the Affordable Care Act via conference call. AUDIO

The House is also going after funding for the IRS.. which it wants to cut by at least a quarter.. Carl Cameron reporting.

There's also two hearings on the Boston Marathon bombing as suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev gets arraigned today in Boston. We'll talk to the mother of two of Tsarnaev's alleged victims. Catherine Herridge and Molly Line reporting today.

0900EDT -- House Homeland Security Cmte hearing on "Assessing Attacks on the Homeland: From Ft Hood to Boston" to "examine breakdowns in info sharing and ways to improve our counterterrorism efforts." Fmr NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, fmr NCTC dir and senior counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies Michael Leiter, deputy counterterrorism coordinator and sr advisor to the DHS Secy John Cohen, and NCTC Dir Matthew Olsen testify. LIVE

1000EDT -- Senate Cmte on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs holds hearing on, "Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombings: Preparing for and Responding to the Attack." Deputy FEMA Admin Richard Serino, MA Undersecy for Homeland Security & Emergency Management Kurt Schwartz, Boston PD Cmsner Edward Davis III, and Rand Corp's Arthur Kellermann, MD, testify. LIVE

1530EDT -- Arraignment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in US Dist Court in Boston. SKETCHES

The House will also tackle the controversial Immigration Overhaul. There is a closed door meeting this afternoon.

The Senate will again try to restore lower interest rates on student loans today. You'll remember the rates doubled to nearly 7% on July first.

The Senate could also vote soon on so-called nuclear option for getting controversial Obama nominees passed.

New details are coming fast and furious in the deadly crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214. Details of conversations with the pilots were released yesterday and suggest the automatic speed controls for landing didn't work. Claudia Cowan reports.

A criminal probe has been opened into the crash of a train in Canada that left at least 15 dead and another 37 missing. Most a small town was wiped off the map. Could it be foul play? We'll ask Rick Folbaum to look into it.

Two fires burning in Nevada have firefighters there scrambling. One is near homes in the mountains near Las Vegas. Another has grown to 40 square miles in northern NV.

There are growing fears folks in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are ignoring warnings about Tropical Storm Chantal.

Tensions are mounting in Egypt where the Army has ordered the arrest of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader for "inciting violence" in a protest Monday that left at least 51 dead. Meantime, extremist attacks are spiking. Militants attacked a military checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula killing at least two. There's been daily attacks on military and police posts since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi last week. Conor Powell reporting.

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