Robbery team uses naked swim ruse to distract homeowner

A Tennessee man was too distracted by a woman swimming naked in his pool to notice that a robbery was taking place inside his house, police say.

The events unfolded last Saturday in Crossville when a couple, who are the man’s neighbors, stopped by his house, according to Crossville Police Officer Camden Davis.

The woman sent her husband home to retrieve cigarettes before asking the 54-year-old homeowner if she could swim in his pool, the Crossville Chronicle reports.

After the man agreed and led her into his backyard, she then asked if it would bother him if she swam nude.He said that wouldn't be a problem.

The woman swam in the pool for 20 minutes, but when she left, the homeowner noticed a handgun, jewelry and medication inside his house were missing.

Police have identified the suspects but they have not been found, the Crossville Chronicle reports.

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