NJ chemist convicted of fatally poisoning her husband with toxic metal she got from work

A New Jersey chemist accused of fatally poisoning her estranged husband with a toxic metal she got at work has been convicted of murder.

A Middlesex County jury also found Tianle Li (tee-ahn-lay lee) guilty Tuesday of hindering her prosecution. She faces life in prison when sentenced Sept. 30.

The 44-year-old Li worked for New York City-based biopharmaceuticals company Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Prosecutors say she killed Xiaoye (zow-yay) Wang while they were divorcing by giving him thallium, used in rat poisons. They say she slipped the chemical in her 39-year-old husband's food in the weeks before he died in January 2011 because she didn't want the divorce.

Li's lawyer says there's no proof she poisoned her husband.

Wang was from China and met his wife in Pennsylvania. The couple had a young son.